Property Sourcing Club are specialists in sourcing below-market value properties.

If you’re looking to grow your property portfolio, invest in renovation opportunities, or buying for the financial freedom of a regular passive income with high rental yields, then the Property Sourcing Club can help!

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Watch this video on how Joining the Property Sourcing Club email mailing list can help you find potential property investments around the UK at discount prices.

Why Join?

  • Below-Market Value Property

    It’s not easy finding below-market value property, particularly in other areas of the country... Property Sourcing Club was built to help make the process just a little bit easier by sending you the best deals that come into our office from around the UK.

  • Why Property Sourcing Club?

    Not only have we built up a strong network of property professionals over the years to bring you the best below-market value deals throughout the country, we've also got a large number of motivated sellers who wish to quickly sell their property.

  • Why Invest in UK Property?

    With a strong rental market in the UK, buy-to-let houses are in high demand. Coupled with strong property ownership rights and excellent planning regulations, renovations and refurbishments are easy to undertake once you’ve secured a below-market value property.

What Our Clients Say...

  • "Below-market deals coming direct into my inbox really appeals to me for the simple reason, it's hot off the press and it's something that I can look at straight away, plus I am happy to pay a finder’s fee as it’s in my interest."

    Pete Edward, Land and Property Renovation Investor

  • "The Property Sourcing Club is a good idea as you're dealing with like-minded individuals and the team there know what they're talking about.  They only deal with professional buyers, so it’s a lot smoother process."

    Paul Herbert, Property Trader and Landlord

If you want to find out how we've helped others, then please take the time to watch our video where we talk to two property investors.

How We Do It...

  • Owners of all types of property and land throughout the UK contact us directly to ask for our help with quickly selling their property.

  • Our large, UK-wide network of professionals enables us to offer would-be and experienced investors the best property opportunities available at any time.

  • We specialise in dealing with below-market value property and how to quickly sell or purchase a property within weeks.

  • Our strong network means that we have a constant new supply of properties and land parcels up for sale, offering a nationwide selection of investment opportunities through our email mailing list.

Why Invest in Property?

Property ownership in the United Kingdom, whether you’re a limited company or an individual, has always been seen as a safe place to hold your money and can also produce an income, unlike other physical assets such as gold.

A number of reasons for this are that in the United Kingdom we have strong ownership rights along with a strong and mature economy. This delivers better returns than if the money had been invested in a savings account. There is also a limited supply of property, as after all, we are an island.

Property also gives homeowners and investors a number of routes in which to make a return on their investment. We can help all kinds of investors, including those who have a lot of capital and are looking to purchase or build a large office building they can lease out, to property traders who want to buy at a low price and sell on at a higher price, with or without doing any works.

The Property Sourcing Club gives investors, both new and experienced, the opportunity to buy property of all types at a below-market price, which in turns makes their money go further.

Recently Sourced Properties

  • 4 Bedroom Detached House, Brigg - Sale

    4 Bedroom Detached House, Brigg - Sale

    • Discount Available:


    • Open Market Value:


    • Net Purchase Value:


    • Equity Bonus:


  • 1 Bedroom Flat, Bellshill - Rental

    1 Bedroom Flat, Bellshill - Rental

    • Discount Available:


    • Open Market Value:


    • Net Purchase Value:


    • Equity Bonus:


    • Estimated Rental:

      £4,740 per annum

    • Yield:


The two examples above illustrate the type of deals that we send out via our mailing list to property investors.

The first property, a 4 bedroom detached house, was from a seller who inherited the property but wanted to sell the property fast. The property was valued at £200,000 in its current condition however, it could be worth as much as £240,000 if improvements were made.

The owner agreed to sell the property for £155,000. The buyer decided to put it back on the market in its current condition without doing any work and sold it within a week. A higher sale price would have been achieved should improvements have been made but they took the view that because it needed work, it would appeal to a first-time buyer who wanted a property to which they could add value.

The second property is in Bellshill, Scotland. It was on the market for a while but the owner was struggling to sell and was looking for a fast sale. They were moving to Thailand and needed to sell within a few days as they were leaving on a flight at the end of the week.

They agreed to sell it for £35,000 and the buyer, who paid cash for the property, then re-mortgaged it six months later at the market value of £55,000. This gave them a 13.54% yield and £20,000 in equity which they could use for further investment opportunities.

  • "I have always looked to secure my future financially. One way I'm looking to do this is to build a passive income via buy-to-let properties. I'm very busy running a successful business in the city, so I don’t have the time for viewing and networking with agents. I find the Property Sourcing Club works for me as I know they only send deals that work, direct to my inbox, and I am happy to pay them a finder’s fee as my own time is a lot more expensive."

    Kristian James, Property Investor based in London